Essential Oils

Posted On: January 4, 2017
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Jun 25, 2011

Essential Formulas

No, I am not talking about essential oils as in aromatherapy oils, I am talking about the oils that your body craves and needs. Omega 3 is the most popular and for the most part it is derived from fish oil which means I cannot take them being vegan but Dr. Ohhira’s Essential Living Oils ($25.95) are vegan and they are fantastic (and they are not accompanied by the disgusting fish burps)! I have had a recent discussion with one of my best friends regarding the coconut oil caps (which I bought and returned because they were not vegan either) but after doing some research on the topic I found that they are kind of pointless when you look at the amount of oil that is recommended compared to what the caps give you are spending a ton more and not even benefiting from them. For me and my fellow veg-heads I’d say the living oils are the way to go, I have had great results for almost a year now. What about you guys, anyone recommend any other type of miracle oil suitable for a vegan!?

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