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The Probiotic That Makes a Difference

Since its origin over 30 years ago, Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics® has prided itself on purity and the pristine process that creates this perfect whole food supplement.

Our nourishing prebiotic culture medium is fermented with live cultures comprised of wholesome fruits, wild vegetables, mushrooms, and seaweed.

This carefully balanced and perfectly blended composition goes through a three-year fermentation process based on ancient Japanese traditions. Fermentation maximizes the natural health-promoting properties of each ingredient.


The 3-Year Fermented Food Supplement with Prebiotics, Probiotics, & Postbiotics

  • Promotes healthy digestion and immune response*
  • Maintains healthy intestinal pH*
  • Enhances absorption of nutrients from food and other supplements*

Ancient Japanese fermentation skills merge with modern science to create a powerful formula that alters the gastrointestinal environment to benefit all strains of healthful bacteria. Created by award-winning microbiologist Iichiroh Ohhira, Ph.D., and a team of distinguished research scientists from Okayama University in Japan, Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic products are backed by scientific studies and guaranteed to cohere in the digestive tract* and encourage your body’s innate ability to grow its own friendly bacteria.

A complete probiotic system, Dr. Ohhira’s Original Formula is not cultured or grown in a laboratory, as are most other probiotic products.

Natural crops and pure water are fermented* for three years with 13 distinctive probiotic strains, including TH10, a proprietary strain discovered by Dr. Ohhira, and which is unique in its ability to break down proteins and making nutrients available than other strains known to microbiologists.*


“Best of Supplements” Awards

Frequently Asked Questions

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This rich culture medium of nutritious mushrooms, vegetables, fruits, and seaweed (PRE-BIOTICS), is encapsulated in a specially designed vegetarian capsule along with the beneficial lactic acid bacteria (PRO-BIOTICS) that have grown together over the three years, and the resulting nutrients from this fermentation process (POST- BIOTICS).

A pioneer in probiotic health and research, Dr. Ohhira proved what science now confirms, that the most vital and health-promoting aspect of probiotic supplementation is the restorative Postbiotic Metabolites; the beneficial micronutrients, including needed vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.* Naturally occurring organic acids also promote a healthy digestive pH and encourage the growth of each individual’s unique flora.*

It takes guts…® to stay healthy.

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