Miyuki Angel’s Review of Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic

Posted On: May 23, 2017
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Miyuki Angel with Dose of Serendipity
Apr 25, 2017

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Hello everyone,

Recently I was given the opportunity to test out Dr. Ohhira’s probiotic, I received these products for free to test out and leave my review. I was pleasantly surprised when I received my box to try out and it included a few additional products for me to try out! Thank You!

I was a little bit skeptical at first but I love the fact that they are chemical free and also Non-GMO. I recently went on a rant on Facebook about GMO’s and how horrible they are for you so this was a huge plus in my book. Probiotics help with so much they promote healthy digestion and help with the absorption of needed nutrients, They help with your metabolism and also help your body detoxify itself. Sounds great!

At first I’ll admit I didn’t feel much of a difference, I had to take it for a few days to feel any different. I actually felt like I had more energy and I also think it may have helped with my stomach issues. Recently I had to start taking an antibiotic and my chiropractor suggested I take a probiotic so of course I will be taking my Dr.Ohhira’s Probiotic to help me out!
Here are a few facts:

Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics® is an all-natural, SUPERIOR PRO-BIOTIC developed to support digestive comfort, nutrient absorption and a healthy immune system.

Unlike most other probiotic products, Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics are not cultured or grown in a laboratory. Ingredients such as mountain spring water, fruits, and vegetables are fermented for three years with 12 distinctive probiotic strains. This rich culture medium (PRE-BIOTICS) is then encapsulated along with the probiotics that have grown together over the three-year period, and the resulting nutrients from this fermentation process (POST-BIOTICS). This allows the supplements to deliver viable probiotics and that encourage your body’s innate ability to grow its own friendly bacteria

Here is some information taken from the website about the other products I received:

Dr. Ohhira’s Essential Living Oils offers a vegan alternative to fish oil. Supplements contain eight natural plant and seed oils that are cold-pressed, extracted, and prepared to provide plant-based essential healthy fats.

Dr. Ohhira’s Propolis PLUS fuses antioxidants with immune-supporting components that support immune health, digestive function, and antioxidant support. Supplements contain Brazilian green propolis, flax oil Omega-3, prebiotic and probiotic support, and antioxidants vitamin E and astaxanthin. This vegetarian certified supplement supports joint comfort, immune support, healthy nervous system function, cardiovascular wellness, and overall digestive health.

Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic Kampuku Beauty Bar nourishes skin by maintaining appropriate surface dermal pH and the appearance and integrity of collagen fibers. The beauty bar promotes healthy skin cell rejuvenation, hydrates and replenishes the skin, and supports the skin’s healthy barrier function. With 14 natural plant extracts, Kampuku provides chemical-free moisturizing, probiotic support, and natural deodorant benefits. This gentle but effective beauty bar is suitable for daily use on all skin types, especially very sensitive skin.

All Natural Hypoallergenic
No artificial additives
No artificial chemicals
No artificial colors
No artificial flavors
No artificial preservatives
No herbicides
No pesticides
Non-GMO Probiotics
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Thank you so much Dr. Ohhira!
Thanks for reading,
Love Always,
Miyuki Angel