Maintaining a Healthy Liver

Posted On: September 19, 2019
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When we talk about maintaining a healthy weight, we often focus on appearance instead of considering the effect that being overweight may have on our systems. We tend to be more consumed with how we look versus how we function internally, so the way that added weight can impact our organs isn’t always top of mind. But it should be!

How Fat Affects Our Insides

Take for instance the way extra fat on our bodies can lead to buildup on the liver. The liver is an amazing, efficient, hardworking organ responsible for filtering toxins so that they can be essentially swept clean from our systems. When fat accumulates in the liver, it compromises its ability to detoxify and can slow down the metabolism. In turn, other nearby organs are affected as well due to their proximity to the liver–after all, everything inside of our systems is connected.

In fact, the liver and the gut have an interesting relationship. As a part of the digestive system, they are part of a group of particular organs that break down food, absorb nutrients, and filter toxins and waste. When one organ in this ‘neighborhood’ is out of balance, it impacts the others. And unfortunately, it’s not possible to just take out the ‘problem’ organ and fix it. An overall approach that focuses on boosting the health and well-being of everything in the body is what leads to healing and optimal health. 

How Fatty Liver Disease and Leaky Gut Are Connected

When there is an imbalance of bacteria in the gut–where the friendly bacteria is overpowered by the wrong kind of bacteria — it can cause inflammation, which in turn can cause leaky gut. Leaky gut is a condition where the lining of the intestines become permeable, allowing toxins and other undesirable material into the bloodstream so that they circulate throughout the body rather than filtered out. The presence of toxins in the body leads to more inflammation and can introduce bigger problems. The cycle continues in perpetuity: leaky gut can contribute to fatty liver buildup, resulting in an ongoing cycle of inflammation, buildup, more problems, more inflammation, and so on.

Currently, about 25% of the population has some buildup on their livers.  It is not entirely understood why some people tend to accumulate more fat in their livers than others, but its effects can be far-reaching. This percentage will likely increase as the population continues to grow.

Probiotics Can Increase Gut and Liver Health

The good news is that studies are showing that effective ways to maintain a healthy liver and gut include daily supplementation with pre and probiotics. Studies have shown that probiotics can help preserve the tight junction proteins in the small intestine.

This series of complex proteins form what is essentially a seal that keeps the undesirable material out of the circulatory system, thus protecting the gut and reducing its leakiness. In turn, livers were less inflamed, with reduced buildup. Glutathione, the amino acid complex featured in the Reg’Activ Essential ME-3 product, was shown to have a dramatic impact on the metabolic system and in particular, can dramatically reduce fatty liver buildup.

Studies are still underway, but the results thus far point to the likelihood of probiotics continuing to be a regular and essential part of strengthening the immune system and improving liver health.