Let’s Talk Gut Health: My Dr. Ohira’s Review

Posted On: May 23, 2017
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Sarah with Growing Up Greens
Apr 25, 2017

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Hey friends, today I want to talk about something new…Gut Health. I had never really thought about how much your gut impacts the rest of your body, but it absolutely does. I recently had the chance to try out Dr. Ohira’s Probiotics and I want to share with you all that they can do to help you feel amazing!

Before I tried Dr. Ohira’s Probiotics I had been feeling…well… yucky. I was lethargic, and just felt like I couldn’t get anything done. A huge part of it was I don’t sleep well, like ever. This has been a long time problem for me, which is why I was SO EXCITED to read that Dr. Ohira’s Probiotics can help regulate sleep cycles.

Here’s some more Benefits of Probiotics:

Promotes healthy digestion and absorption of nutrients
Can help balance energy levels
Support a healthy metabolism
Promotes your immune system
Can help your body detox itself

Since I’ve been taking Dr. Ohira’s for a couple of weeks now, I have definitely noticed that I have a lot more energy during the day. I’ve been knocking out my to-do list daily with no problems. More energy is always a welcome thing for busy moms!

An unexpected little surprise of my new probiotics regimen has been the improvement in skin. I still struggle with teenage skin problems, even though I’m on the edge of turning thirty. (Yikes!) Along with treating my body from the inside with the probiotics I’ve also used the Dr. Ohira’s Kampuku Beauty Bar. With all natural ingredients and no chemicals, or artificial fragrances the Beauty Bar has quickly become one of my favorites!

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So, if you’re interested in reseting your gut, and feeling amazing I would DEFINITELY recommend trying out Dr. Ohira’s Probiotics System for yourself!