Five Tips for Your Health

Posted On: March 22, 2021


April: Five Tips for Spring Cleaning your Health!

April is considered by many as one of the best months of the year! Longer days, warmer weather, and fresh starts are the hallmarks of spring. And while it’s common practice to declutter and organize in preparation for spring, all too often, people forget to focus on their health, failing to realize that their physical and mental well-being needs a good spring cleaning just as much their homes do.

Also, in April, we tend to feel less stressed as the days are longer, and the overall feeling of life is just brighter. So, it’s the perfect month to up our health and wellness game with some of these tips:

1. Get Outdoors! No matter what the activity, find something you enjoy but haven’t been able to do during winter, like gardening, flying a kite, bird-watching, or just enjoying nature as it blooms back to life.
2. Walk, Run, & Bike MORE! If feasible, try biking or walking to work or even running errands or the local coffee shop. Go for a walk with the family or enjoy a local park! Just try to drive less and use your legs more!
3. Eat delicious in-season fruit! Research supports that warmer months make you crave fruit! Our bodies innately know when the seasons change and crave foods that are in season. It’s evolution, so our bodies would put on a few pounds in the summer, eat sugary fruits, and store up fats for the winter.
4. Do a little Spring Cleaning! It’s the perfect time to downsize, get rid of things you no longer use. Whether you donate, sell them, or repurpose them, it’s always good to clean and declutter your surroundings.
5. Detox the Body! Eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking more water is a great start! Working up a sweat also helps to flush toxins out of your body, as does stretching, yoga, and even a message, so go ahead and treat yourself.
Taking a high-quality supplement with Glutathione, considered the “Master Antioxidant,” also helps your body detox on cellular and release years of built-up toxins.