Dermal pH: The Secret to Lasting Beauty

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Dermal pH

You’ve heard of pH—the measure of whether a substance is acidic, alkaline, or somewhere in between. All living things have a pH, including you.

The human body has a pH of about 7, right in the middle of the 14-point pH scale. But healthy human skin needs to be slightly acidic, about 5.5. It turns out that pH difference is vital for maintaining dermal hydration and healthy immune function.

Ditch Those Alkaline Cleansers!

It turns out most cosmetics and cleansers are surprisingly alkaline, with a pH of 8 to 10. That’s exactly what we shouldn’t put on our skin. It’s important that the skin stay a little more acidic than the body itself—and yet we’ve all used products that force our skin to trend in the opposite direction.

Of course, like anything in life, imbalance can occur in either direction:

  • Skin that trends toward the alkaline side (a pH higher than 5.5) often appears dry. Fine lines become more visible. The immune barrier function can be compromised too. That can result in the appearance of dermal irritation.
  • Skin that tends to be more acidic (a pH lower than 5.5) often appears oily. It can be prone to blemishes. Similar to imbalance on the alkaline side, this skin can also appear irritated.

Your skin prefers balance because nature prefers balance. So it’s important to choose skin care products that encourage the optimal dermal pH, a slightly acidic 5.5.

Inside and Out, You are an Ecosystem

Good dermal pH is conducive to the friendly bacteria that promote dermal health. Just as probiotics support your overall health internally, these good guys work hard on the surface of your body too.*

Dermal probiotics not only support your skin’s role in healthy immune function, they also help maintain dermal hydration. Yes, believe it or not, these bacterial good guys help you look your youthful best!

Yet common cleansers can create an environment that’s hostile for these probiotic beauty heroes. Isn’t it time for a skin care regimen that nourishes and protects dermal probiotics? Dr. Ohhira’s Kampuku Beauty Bar™, along with the Magoroku™ and Hadayubi™ Moisturizers, are formulated to:

  • Encourage normal dermal hydration and youthful appearance
  • Maintain a healthy dermal pH
  • Support healthy dermal probiotic balance

The organic acids and botanicals in the probiotic extract are adaptogenic—they have a balancing effect. That means they encourage a healthy pH, whether yours tends toward acidic or alkaline. Dr. Ohhira’s goal was to create skin care products that promote dermal pH balance for anyone.

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