Best Probiotics for Men

Posted On: April 14, 2021
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We human beings have trillions of tiny microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.) that live on and inside our bodies – on our skin, in our mouths, in our bellies or guts and in various other nooks and crannies.  They help us digest our foods, they boost our immune systems and fight off bad bacteria.  We couldn’t live without them and we need a wide variety of these microorganisms to be healthy – especially in our intestines.  This collection of organisms in our digestive tract is collectively known as the gut microbiome.

There is no dispute that both sexes need a balanced gut microbiome to live in optimal health!  An imbalance in the microorganisms in the gut can cause a broad range of unpleasant symptoms, from intestinal discomfort to allergy flare-ups to a weakened immune system, and more.  When the gut microbiome becomes imbalanced, we can restore its balance by adding probiotics – beneficial, live microorganisms—to help bring the system back into balance again.

While everyone needs a healthy gut biome for good digestion, a strong immune system, balanced endocrine function, and other benefits, recent research has shown that probiotics can be especially helpful at addressing certain other, more targeted health concerns.  For instance, women’s health issues such as vaginal health and overall health during pregnancy are particularly well-supported by probiotics.  In light of this fact, you might wonder, can men take probiotics, and what are the benefits of probiotics for men?

Are Probiotics Good for Men?

So, should men take probiotics?  Just like women, men need a diverse population of microorganisms in their gut to enjoy good health.  When all is well with the microbiota in a healthy adult, these tiny organisms help our immune, digestive, nervous and endocrine systems operate at full capacity.

Unfortunately, the microbiome does not always remain unscathed by the rigors of daily life.  Factors such as stress, poor diet, occasional overindulgence in unhealthy foods or alcohol, or a course of antibiotics can take a toll on the gut flora.  Probiotics can replenish the good bacteria in the digestive system which can help soothe tummy troubles like diarrhea, constipation, bloating, flatulence and occasional heartburn.

Benefits of Probiotics for Men

Like women, men should consume fermented foods and/or take probiotic supplements to replenish good bacteria to their digestive systems.  Some think it is best to get their prebiotics (the dietary fibers that feed probiotic bacteria) and probiotics through eating a healthy diet, but in practice, it can be difficult to obtain sufficient amounts of live organisms just through foods.  For this reason, many men choose to take high-quality probiotic supplements as well.

Men who are seeking to take charge of their health find that a daily probiotic supplement integrates well into their routine.  Here are some of the many benefits of probiotics for men:

Probiotics Replenish Good Bacteria

After a course of antibiotics, consistent use of over-the-counter medicines, a period of overindulgence, or other environmental factors, men can turn to a probiotic supplement to restore the beneficial microorganisms to their digestive system.  A good quality supplement like Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics, which combines the benefits of fiber-rich fermented foods with probiotic bacteria and most importantly, postbiotics, will restore balance to the microbiome.

Probiotics Support a Healthy Metabolism

One of the most prevalent health concerns for men as they age is that of metabolic syndrome and developing insulin resistance.  A Canadian study has shown that probiotic supplements may help in protecting the pancreatic cells that make insulin.  More research is underway, but this is encouraging news for those who are at risk for certain metabolic disorders.

Probiotics Provide Immune Support

We have learned that the healthy digestive system is hugely important for our immune systems and in fact, the gut houses about 80% of the immune system.  A stronger gut microbiota helps contribute to a more resilient immune system which is less likely to have an exaggerated response to seasonal allergens.  Maintaining a healthy microbiome with robust probiotics may be especially important to men since they tend to suffer disproportionately from stress, poor diets and other factors which tend to create significantly more immune system imbalances.

Probiotics May Address Men’s Reproductive Health Concerns

Numerous research studies have been conducted to understand the relationship between gut microbiota and men’s reproductive health.  Studies have been undertaken to see how the gut microbiome might support healthy hormone balance – especially due to the fact that many of the postbiotic metabolites produced by the probiotic microorganisms become the precursor biochemicals for production of pro-hormones and hormones within the body. More research and more thorough clinical studies are needed before any conclusions can be drawn, but these are hopeful signs that important breakthroughs in men’s health could be on the horizon.

Do I Need a Probiotic for Men?

So as a man, should you take a daily probiotic supplement?  Yes, if you want to ensure that your body has a strong, vital population of beneficial probiotics and the important postbiotics that those probiotics make in order to counteract any potential damage to your gut flora from your fast-paced lifestyle!  Dr. Ohhira’s supplements contain 12 distinct probiotics strains and are the only multi-year fermented food supplement with prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics!

Dr. Ohhira’s supplements are a complete probiotic system not cultured or grown in a laboratory but instead fermented from natural plant crops (fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and seaweed) plus pure water to promote healthy digestion, boost immune response, and provide rapid relief of occasional heartburn, gas, and bloating.  We think Dr. Ohhira’s are the best probiotics for men’s health available anywhere.  Discover the Dr. Ohhira’s Advantage for yourself today!