April is Autism Awareness Month

Apr 30, 2012
Autism AwarenessIn recognition of Autism Awareness Month, Essential Formulas will donate up to $2,500 to charity for every new subscriber to our newsletter through May 31st, 2012.

This year, Essential Formulas has selected Parents Of Autistic Children as the beneficiary for the work in improving the education of children with autism.

We will donate $0.25 for the first 2500 subscribers and $0.10 for each additional subscriber with a minimum donation of $500 up to a maximum of $2,500.

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Autism is a neurological disorder which can cause speech & language delays as well as social & behavioral problems. Autism is also a spectrum disorder because the level of severity and nature of the symptoms can vary greatly. Now viewed as a national emergency, Autism affects as many as 1 in every 88 children born today in the United States according to the Center for Disease Control. Autism is also almost four times more prevalent in boys than girls. People with Autism can be high-functioning with normal to above average intelligence, or they can be lower functioning with varying degrees of mental retardation.
Delayed or no spoken language, Little or no eye contact, Lack of interest in peers, Lack of pretend play skills, Fixation on objects, Repetitive language or movements, Difficulty with changes in routine, Loss of language or social skills
Parents Of Autistic Children of Northern Virginia, or POAC-NoVA, is a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status run 100% by volunteers. POAC-NoVA works to better the lives of those with Autism & their families as well as improve education for children with Autism. We promote research-based methodologies for instructing students on the Autism spectrum through lectures, seminars & hands-on training sessions. These events use acknowledged experts to instruct parents, teachers, therapists and professional staff in the principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis using Skinner’s Analysis of Verbal Behavior (ABA/VB). The Officers and Directors of POAC-NoVA are comprised of parent volunteers supported by a council of experts in the field of Autism. POAC-NoVA meets quarterly with Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) as the official school board-appointed parent liaison to the enhanced autism program for FCPS. POAC-NoVA hosts free monthly support group meetings on a variety of topics as well as our annual holiday party and summer BBQ.