8 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas with a Focus on Health!

Mother’s Day is almost upon us! While it may seem overwhelming to pick the perfect gift for a woman who’s been there every step of the way, you can see this holiday as a fun opportunity to return all the love and care that your supermom deserves. It’s a story familiar to many moms and their families: Mom focuses her energy on her family’s health and well-being, forgetting about her own health needs.

This Mother’s Day (and every other day), let’s change that narrative! Focusing on mom’s health and women’s health, in general, is one of the most powerful things you can do this Mother’s Day.

Here are healthy gift ideas to treat Mom this Mother’s Day.

#1 A Cookbook
Whether Mom’s a five-star chef or a big fan of take-out, gifting cookbooks full of nutritious recipes is always appreciated! A mom favorite is Easy 5-Ingredient Healthy Cookbook by Toby Amidor.

#2 A Produce Box
Fresh herbs. Ripe fruit. Crunchy vegetables. Is there ANYTHING better than a box full of nature’s goodness? They’re customizable and so appreciated by busy mama friends! Misfit Marketplace is a favorite because its app makes it easy to order and personalize each box!

#3 Breakfast in Bed
Made with love, breakfast in bed always warms the heart and fills the tummy! An act of love is the best present of all!

#4 Fresh Flowers
Bring some brightness and sweet fragrance to Mom this year! A fresh bouquet can brighten mom’s entire week and are a great reminder of your love.

#5 A New Water Bottle
Give the gift of hydration as women often struggle with dehydration, especially breastfeeding and menopausal moms! A new water bottle can be just the reminder she needs to keep her H20 in constant flow; just make sure it is BPA-Free!

#6 Yoga Classes
It can be hard to find ample time to work out when you’re an active parent or grandparent. The solution? A yoga class gift card or a private lesson would make mom flexible and happy!

#7 Gut Health
Nothing says you value your mom’s health more than high-quality, scientifically-proven probiotics for optimum gut health and immunity.  Probiotics have also been proven to improve UTIs and other female-related health issues including bloating digestive discomfort and even mood.

#8 Time with you
Moms love time spent with their family! Take a walk, hike, or a bike ride for active fun or a trip to the local Arboretum or Zoo. Help mom in her garden, around the house, or cook her a special meal (or offer to help if she is the Queen of her kitchen).