How to Beat Belly Bloat this Holiday Season

It’s the time of year when the lines between eating, socializing, and bonding blur. Of course, you have to eat your mother’s famous pie and all your family members food specialties so as not to hurt their feelings. It is a tough job…..but eating rich, heavy, and different foods can cause significant bloating and discomfort.

But the worst part of bloating is the discomfort. It can cause stomach pain and a distended belly,– which isn’t what you want after all the fun of the holiday celebration.

Bloating isn’t triggered by how much you eat but instead eating foods that are difficult to digest. These undigested substances then pass into your colon, producing the gas bubbles that make your stomach swell up and have uncomfortable and often painful BELLY BLOAT.

5 Ways to Avoid Holiday Dinner Bloat: 

1. Chew your food properly

Faced with a fork with pigs in blankets and roast potatoes (or nut roast and carrots), it can be tempting to wolf down your food, ready for the next delicious mouthful, but take your time chewing. Make sure that you chew your food. Digestion starts in your mouth.

2. Add lemon to your food

As well as in your gin and tonic, lemon has another place in your Christmas dinner. Squeeze a little lemon juice on your turkey as it helps start the protein breakdown.

3. Be sensible with your portions

Limiting your portions during a Holiday feast can be challenging, as It’s one of the best meals of the year! However, don’t overload your plate too hastily – it’ll still be there for a second helping (unless you have particularly ravenous relatives).

Your eyes are often more significant than your belly, so don’t overfill your plate. Start with a normal portion of food, then go back for seconds if needed.

4. Drink herbal tea

Have herbal tea after your meal. Some great digestive teas are ginger, peppermint, and senna. Senna is a great tea that can help move your digestive system, as it’s a natural laxative.

5. Take a High-quality Probiotic

When taken consistently for weeks to months, probiotics repopulate the gut with health-promoting bacteria that produce less gas. Thus, when used as directed, probiotics lead to less bloating from gas and may noticeably flatten your stomach.