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Posted On: May 23, 2017
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Billie with Life Outside The Lab
Apr 25, 2017


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As winter begins to wind down and all the colds and sickness that comes with those dreaded months begins to fade away, it’s time to refocus on health, starting from the inside. Our strongest asset when it comes to fighting off the bacteria and viruses that surround us during the winter is a healthy gut. Taking a little extra step to take care of our gut health is pretty easy to do, and something the whole family can do to stay healthy when surrounded by sickness.

The key to a healthy gut is probiotics. Probiotics are strains of healthy bacteria that live in our guts, are completely normal, and complement or supplement the normal flora that is already present. What does that mean exactly? It means we already have normal bacteria that live in our gut and to stay there and continue to keep us healthy, no matter the assault our bodies may take during the winter and throughout the year. Probiotics are also essential after you are take antibiotics for any illness. Antibiotics kill all bacteria in the gut, good and bad, so you really need to replenish the good to stay healthy after the antibiotics end.Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic

When it comes to probiotics you want one that has multiple strains of bacteria to ensure you get the most beneficial results from the supplement. A probiotic supplement that also contains the ingredients necessary to support those bacteria is a simple way to boost your health without taking multiple different supplements in a day. This is important because if you don’t know, bacteria needs food to survive, like other living cells.

Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics provides all the support for our healthy bacteria as well as multiple strains, 12 to be exact, of living bacteria to replenish any we may be missing. Dr. Ohhira’s is a simple to take probiotic that requires one capsule, twice a day, for the best success. The capsules are easy to take, vegetarian capsules, and are guaranteed free of soil based bacteria (bad bacteria four gut). Now, while taking probitoics are important, after starting this supplement I found out that starting slow is the key to success. When you first start taking a supplement like this, try one capsule a day and work your way up. If not, you could be dealing with some gas or stomach issues. I did feel extra gassy when first starting the supplement. I do now, after a few weeks of Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics, feel amazing. I no longer have the extra gas feeling and in general any bloating I had has disappeared. Even when I don’t eat the best, my gut is healthy and I do not suffer from bloating like I used too. I have also managed to skate by most of the big illnesses that have come through my house from the kids or my co-workers at work. I may have gotten a sniffle or two but overall I have felt great.Dr. Ohhira’s Supplement

I know how important probiotics are to gut and overall health, and picking the right probiotic is key to that success. Dr. Ohhira’s is a probiotic that trusted and well made. It is a easy way to boost your gut health without too much thought. Curious? Check out the Dr. Ohhira’s website here and learn more and where to buy.