Probiotics and Staph Infections

Posted On: August 23, 2020
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Probiotics — an essential tool for improving immune support against staph infections

Probiotics play a vital role in a strong immune response to protect you from developing dangerous staph infections. Staph, short for Staphylococcus aureus, is a very common germ that doesn’t usually cause problems. But when it does, you can develop boils, pneumonia, and even life-threatening infections. Severe reactions to staph infections include toxic shock syndrome, septic arthritis and bacteremia, a bloodstream infection.

Study shows preventative potential of probiotics

Researchers from the National Institute for Health and Mahidol University and Rajamangala University of Technology in Thailand collaborated on a study that they published in 2018. The scientists worked with 200 rural Thai volunteers, figuring their food would be less affected by antibiotics and sterilization than that consumed in urban areas. The researchers analyzed stool samples. One hundred and one of the samples tested positive for Bacillus, primarily B. subtilis, for the “good” bacteria commonly found in probiotics supplements. This type of bacteria form spores that are naturally ingested with vegetables, which then grow in the intestine. Researchers also tested the participants for S. aureus. They found that the 26 people with staph in the nose and 25 with staph in the gut did not have Bacillus in their gut.

The scientists also studied the correlation between staph and Bacillus in mice. They discovered that the S. aureus had a sensing system that must function for the staph bacteria to grow in the gut. Researchers tested more than 100 Bacillus isolates found in humans. All of the isolates inhibited the sensing system, preventing staph from growing.

While staph infection can happen to anybody, some people are especially prone, including diabetics who use insulin, people undergoing chemo or radiation, those who struggle with skin damage like eczema or insect bites, people with respiratory concerns and those who suffer from weakened immune systems. Talk to your doctor about whether probiotics might be right for you.

Dr. Ohhira to the rescue

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