and if you don’t comply

Probiotics can help ease the ‘pain’ of overindulging!

Many people have conflicting feelings about the holiday season. Getting together with family in celebration is great. The decadent displays of food usually presented at gatherings are another story. The turkeys tempting, that ham is enticing, and did that pumpkin pie just call your name?

Of the millions of turkeys produced each year, about a quarter of them are served at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Pair those juicy, golden-brown turkeys with stuffing and cranberry sauce add in the rum punch and you’ve got a recipe for overeating and a bad case of indigestion!

“Trying to eat healthy amidst such an array of indulgence presents some challenges and a test of will power,” said Martie Whittekin, CCN. “But taking a few steps before and during holiday parties may help you control your eating and digestive distress.”

Ms. Whittekin suggests eating light meals and snacks on party days so you may enjoy richer foods at the event. Fill up on vegetables and salad so you’re less hungry and don’t eat too fast. Watch your alcohol intake and drink water between every alcoholic beverage.

But sometimes where there’s rich food, indigestion is inevitable. Indigestion is often attributable to poor eating habits such as the consumption of high-fat and hard to digest foods, eating too quickly, or simply overeating in general. Unfortunately, these are all the things that occur during the Holidays! What many people don’t realize is that indigestion; heartburn, bloating and gas are often caused by a bacterial imbalance in the GI tract. 

“A high-quality probiotic supplement can help you avoid digestive distress during the holidays,” said Ms. Whittekin. “A probiotic containing live, beneficial bacteria supports your intestinal health and helps prevent bloating and indigestion.”

“If someone does have a lot more harmful bacteria in their system, they typically have a lot of gas, a lot of bloating, possibly pain with digestion, possibly altered constipation or diarrhea symptoms,” said Ms. Whittekin. “ And these symptoms will get worse during the holidays when food is the focus and overindulging is the norm.”

Taking a probiotic like Dr. Ohhira’s that is backed by research will improve digestive pH, and helps you regain bacterial balance by correcting the root cause of digestive issues so you can enjoy the holiday food, fun and festivities!