Did you Know?
Natural Ingredients Are Only Beneficial if They Are Bioavailable!

Learn about Kampuku’s Ingredients and Product Processing

Countless skincare products on the market today state that they contain natural ingredients but far too often, processing methods degrade the delicate botanicals and compromise their bioactivity. While the label is truthful that the ingredient is present, the individual botanical may not convey any noticeable effect.

Most soaps and beauty bars are produced through what is called the “neutralization method.” Utilizing harsh, high heat processing, the fatty acids are removed from the moisturizing oils. This industrial processing enhances product stability, but alters the efficacy of the moisturizing ingredients.

Artisanal Kettle Processing

Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics® skin care products are formulated to nourish your skin by using bioavailable natural ingredients. The secret of the Kampuku™ Beauty Bar is Dr. Ohhira’s use of artisanal kettle processing, as well as traditional Japanese botanical fermentation.

In Dr. Ohhira’s traditional Japanese kettle processing, or ‘Kamadaki’ method, natural coconut oil and palm oil are combined in a small batch, low-temperature method. A natural, moisturizing factor (glycerin) arises spontaneously from this process and remains in a beneficial form in the final product.

Gentle blending and purification continues while other fermented botanical ingredients are added. Product stability comes, not from heavy industrial processing, but from our traditional fermentation process.

Traditional Botanical Fermentation

Long before industrial processing and preserving methods, people harnessed the power of probiotics for preserving foods and concentrating nutritive value. Dr. Ohhira has applied similar fermentation artistry to his skin care products. This innovative approach to skin care helps foster your own dermal flora balance, which ultimately supports skin look its best by maintaining its own healthy hydration.

This probiotic extract is derived from the same blend used in Dr. Ohhira’s probiotic dietary supplement. Twelve strains of lactic acid bacteria are used to ferment numerous fruits, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, and sea vegetables. The three-year fermentation process yields highly concentrated nutrients, organic acids and vitamins produced by the probiotics. These nutrients and pH-balancing components foster your own dermal flora so it can flourish.

The extract is adaptogenic—and has a balancing effect by encouraging a healthy dermal pH, whether yours tends toward acidic or alkaline. This creates an environment that is conducive to nourishing your own native probiotics. It’s a spiral of good dermal health: healthy pH encourages healthy flora, which further promotes healthy pH and hydration all leading to supple, beautiful skin.

When you pair traditional kettle processing, ancient Japanese fermentation artistry and the researched dermal health criteria, the result is revolutionary! Dr. Ohhira’s Kampuku™ Beauty Bar provides concentrated dermal nourishment, visible moisturizing effects, and gentle cleansing. Both innovative and ancient, this beauty bar conveys phenomenal results for dry and sensitive skin.