What is ME-3, and Why is it Important for Detox and Cell Renewal

Like all the Reg’Activ® formulas, Essential ME-3 contains the glutathione-boosting probiotic Lactobacillus fermentum ME-3 and remains the only probiotic strain proven to cost-effectively increase glutathione levels. Essential ME-3 releases glutathione directly into the intestines, bypassing the normal digestive breakdown and ensuring the availability of more glutathione to the body.

The Discover of ME-3

Estonian microbiologists at the University of Tartu first discovered the amazing antioxidant potential of ME-3 in 1995. They were testing a range of Lactobacillus bacteria to see which provided the most antioxidant activity. Their tests revealed one clear standout: a strain called Lactobacillus fermentum ME-3, which had come from the intestinal tract of an extremely healthy one-year-old child. The scientists quickly recognized the promise of ME-3’s robust antioxidant activity.

Why is glutathione important?

Researchers recognize glutathione as the Master Antioxidant. However, when people take glutathione supplements directly, they’re only minimally effective. That’s because the glutathione degrades during ingestion. It’s much more effective to take Reg’Activ’s® Essential ME-3 and let the process of generating glutathione happen within your body.

Essential Formulas Scientific Director Dr. Ross Pelton explains that Essential ME-3 works as a glutathione activator. It not only boosts production of the antioxidant but helps the body use it more efficiently. “Regular use of Reg’Activ products – especially the Essential ME-3 formula, offers the best option for promoting and preserving healthy glutathione levels in the body,” stated Dr. Pelton.

Why you need Reg’Activ® Essential ME-3

Essential Formulas Incorporated (EFI) has forged new frontiers in the probiotic and cellular health arena for over 20 years.  Reg’Activ® Essential ME-3 is EFI’s best contribution yet to your digestive health.

“In over 20 years as a practitioner, I believe there may be no better supplement than Reg’Activ Essential ME-3, to elevate and maintain glutathione levels for my patients. I trust the quality and research behind this revolutionary product,” said Peter Morrell, Holistic Practitioner at Tree of Life Wellness Center.

Essential ME-3‘s vegan formula provides 8 billion viable bacteria in an improved prebiotic base derived from Acacia fiber to promote the growth of vital probiotic strains and all-natural, non-GMO rice hulls as a flow agent.