Conner Kees, Superior Health — Gainesville, FL
January 19, 2019

Featured Product: Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics

I’m going to explain why we believe if you could only buy one probiotic, this should be the one. This is the single-best all-purpose probiotic for maintaining a healthy gut flora. (To learn why having a healthy gut flora is a good idea in the first place, check out this article.)

Essential Formulas Incorporated, the maker of Dr. Ohhira’s probiotics, has a specialized facility with vats of bubbling probiotic culture that started off as fresh mushrooms, seaweeds, fruits, vegetables, and medicinal herbs before being reduced down and made to rot. They allow this culture to ferment for 3 years before being put into a capsule. This can’t be said for any other probiotic on the market. This is why Dr. Ohhira’s is the best.

In our years of experience in the healthfood industry and clinically, we’ve met people who’ve broken open the capsules and applied it directly to their newborn babies gums to inoculate their systems. In fact, with your first dose of Dr. Ohhira’s, it’s good to actually bite open the softgel and swish the probiotic around your mouth. This inoculates your gums so that all your food becomes more of a probiotic supplement (provided you chew properly)! We know people who keep the product in their glove compartment in their car (in Florida). These devoted Dr. Ohhira’s fans claim that the product gets stronger with age rather than weaker, like most other probiotics. This is because the probiotic has a biological momentum that’s been set in motion by their complex and extensive fermentation process.

To learn more about their fermentation process, go here:

A lot of people ask me why I want them to purchase a probiotic that has only 12 strains and less than 1 billion “active cultures”.
My answer is that the quality of a probiotic has nothing to do with how many strains or how many cultures and everything to do with how strong the individual bacteria are and what kind of relationship those bacteria have to one another (the biofilm). It may only be 12 strains, but these 12 strains are carrying with them the information necessary to rebuild and harmonize your large intestine. Another thing to consider is that when it comes to probiotics, bigger may not always be better.

I also often get asked why shelf-stable and not refrigerated?
I respond with the question – “is your large intestine 45 degrees?” The bacteria in Dr. Ohhira’s know what it means to be… well, bacteria. They’ve spent the past 3 years digesting extremely complex foods, whereas the bacteria in most other probiotics on the market are grown on industrial agar (most likely sugar), powdered, and crammed into a capsule – never having spent a day doing what real gut bacteria do. If the refrigerated bacteria are like the kids that get picked on in gym class, then Dr. Ohhira’s bacteria are a mafia family.

How does it make you feel?
Well, there’s no telling how it will make you feel as every microbiome is different, but we have seen numerous people over the years practically “saved” by this product. I know a young woman who claims it gave her her life back (and many other success stories). Dr. Ohhira’s is also the only probiotic that we’ve ever felt nootropic benefits from. Some probiotic products boast a cognitive enhancement function, however I have yet to notice that effect from any other probiotic other than this one. The company who makes Dr. Ohhira’s is so confident in the safety and efficacy of their product, that they suggest you take up to 10 capsules per day while sick or after taking antibiotics. I have single-handedly defeated the dreaded “cold bug” simply by megadosing Dr. Ohhira’s – probiotic rather than antibiotic! I’m not suggesting you megadose Dr. Ohhira’s, I’m only giving you my personal experience using this incredible probiotic.

We would love to help you introduce Dr. Ohhira’s into your life (and your gut). Give us a call, contact us via email, or come by the North Central Florida YMCA Wellness Center to upgrade to the best probiotic ever.

Now you know.