Meghan Markle’s two-step trick for staying bloat-free on flights

Posted On: May 30, 2018
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Tehrene Firman
May 18, 2018


As much fun as traveling is, spending hours upon hours on a plane can totally wreak havoc on your body. The flying experience can dry out your skin, cause dehydration, and really mess with your sleep sched. Potentially the most physically uncomfortable side effect though? The bloating. Not to fear, though: Meghan Markle‘s two-step trick to fight off the midsection puff should keep you—and your gut—healthy and happy miles high in the sky.

Because flying at high altitudes can lead your stomach to fill with air—not cool, science!—it’s best to prepare ahead of time to make sure the pressure change doesn’t also affect your well-being. And for the soon-to-be royal who originally shared her tips of the high-flying trade on her now shuttered blog the Tig, that means taking a high-strain probiotic (she recommends Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics, which targets bloating specifically) then chugging some water “like you’re dying of thirst,” Byrdie reports.

Markle says the probiotic-and-water combo will “keep your gut health in check” and “stave off jet lag.”

Markle says the probiotic-and-water combo will “keep your gut health in checkand “stave off jet lag.” (Extra bonus, FTW!) Before you add Markle’s choice probiotic to your cart though, make sure to read up on the strains that are right for you, or more specifically—your microbiome. Strains that are awesome for depression and anxiety won’t necessarily help boost your immunity, for instance.

Yet another pro tip: If you’re looking for a more flavorful way to swallow your probiotic, switch over to a steaming cup of dandelion tea (BYO tea bag, of course). Shay Mitchell swears by the blend for its natural diuretic effects. Or, add 1Tbsp of dried marshmallow root to you water bottle after you make it through TSA. This anti-inflammatory ingredient makes the water stick to your insides, naturally soothing and hydrating you from the inside out. (Plus, it’s a bargain at $3.)

If this technique works for an (almost) royal, you know it’s good. Bloat-free traveling, here you come.