Meghan Markle always follows this routine when flying to avoid getting jet leg and travel sick

Meghan Markle always follows this routine when flying to avoid getting jet leg and travel sick

Posted On: May 31, 2018
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Rosie Fitzmaurice, Business Insider
March 05, 2018


Many people would agree that the reality of travelling for work is a lot less glamorous than it might sound. And it appears that US “Suits” actress and future royal Meghan Markle knows this all too well.

A post she wrote about travel essentials on her former lifestyle blog The Tig in 2016 has been circulating online again — and it reveals some details about the routine she follows when she boards a plane. Here’s an archived version of the post.

“If you’ve been tracking my social media of late, you’ll notice that not a week goes by without me finding my derrière on a plane,” she wrote.

“Yes, it’s fun, and yes, it’s purpose-driven, and yes, it can sometimes feel quite glamorous; but, jet-setting (for work or pleasure) comes with its own set of complications. The foremost issue is self-care.

“It’s easy to run yourself ragged, hopping from one locale to another, sometimes feeling homesick, and other times just feeling plain-old sick (tummy, head cold, you name it),” she went on.

So, Markle shared some trusty travel tips with her readers — and some of them might well come in handy on your next flight.

Take some sanitiser

First, while she claimed to be “no germophobe,” she revealed that the first thing she does when she gets on a plane is wipe down her surrounding area.

“I always use some quick hand wipes or a travel sanitizer spray to wipe it all down: that includes the little TV, the service tray, and all the buttons around your seat. Sure, the person next to you may give you a side eye, but at the end of the flight, you’ll be the one whistling dixie with nary a sniffle.”

And she could certainly have a point, there are plenty of studies that have found plane trays to be among the dirtiest parts of an aircraft, and could even harbour more germs than the flush handle in the toilet.

Swab your nose

Next up, Markle shared a flying tip which said was originally from Leonardo DiCaprio — albeit indirectly, via a friend who she called a “good source.”

“[H]e puts a little Neosporin on a cotton swab and coats the inside of his nostrils. Not only does it create a barrier for germs, it also lubricates the skin in the nose. That’s important because when the skin cracks, germs can come a running in, so the coating of the Neosporin doubly protects you,” she wrote.

Another item she’ll always bring with her is a high-strain probiotic (a type of supplement for gut health). Then, she says, “hydrate like you’re dying of thirst – because even if you’re not, for your body – the thirst is real.”

“This dynamic duo of probiotics and agua will keep your gut health in check and honestly stave off jet lag if you’re globetrotting on your travails.”

Take something cosy

Markle added that she’ll never travel without a scarf or cashmere blanket “that feels like a hug.”

“Throw it in your purse or backpack, and no matter how far you travel, you will always feel comforted both on and off the plane with something that feels and smells like home. This has become invaluable to me when catching some Zzzzzs on a flight, or feeling swaddled in a hotel room,” she added.

Markle also advised travellers to invest in a travel wallet and a chic and efficient carry-on “that makes you feel like a frequent flier, things will speed along so you can avoid less airport hiccups and can focus on the vacate part of the vacation.”

Eat to beat the jet lag

And finally, while many seasoned travellers will tell you to tune in your sleep pattern with your destination when flying long-haul, Markle also recommends doing this with your meals, a tip she says she learned from fashion designer Misha Nonoo.

“Misha Nonoo, once told me that if you eat on the schedule of wherever you’ve landed, you won’t feel jet lagged. I was skeptical at first, but as Misha shared, it’s your stomach that tells your brain when it’s feeling wonky.”

“By simply eating a meal at the time the locals are when you land, you trick your brain a bit and stay much more on track, and much less cranky,” she wrote.