Juliann Newton
April 13, 2018

ARTICLE SOURCE: http://www.allbeautifulmommies.com/blog/entry/4443056/beauty-and-the-bacteria-princess-meghan-markle-gives-royal-advice-on-probiotics

Beauty and the Bacteria: Princess Meghan Markle
gives Royal Advice on Probiotics

The Princess and the Probiotic, Meghan Markle gives gut-felt advice on health and wellness

Not long before saying “yes” to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle posted a blog about her favorite travel essentials. Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics were on her short list.

“Always travel with a high strain probiotic and hydrate like you’re dying of thirst,” wrote Markle, showcasing the product and linking to the company’s website . “This dynamic duo of probiotics and agua will keep your gut health in check and honestly stave off jet lag if you’re globetrotting on your travails.”

A reporter for Bustle unearthed this royal advice last month. It was not a paid placement and the probiotic company didn’t find out about it for another 30 days. Suzanne Somers, Kris Carr, Melissa Wood and many other health-savvy devotees and beauty bloggers have made similar unsolicited recommendations of Dr. Ohhira’s probiotics.

Dr. Ohhira’s is a celebrity-and-healthcare-practitioner favorite due to its remarkable fermentation process and because it’s the only probiotic supplement on the market today that is actually a fermented food, containing live cultures and postbiotics.

Perfect for travel its probiotic power is contained in a small capsule and presented in convenient blister packs that DO NOT require refrigeration!

Also, glowing skin and radiant health, like those of the future Princess, can also be a benefit of taking a high quality probiotic. “Goooo pro…biotics!” Markle says.